My name is Terrence Ryan. I'm Terry Ryan. I’m a geek from Philadelphia who loves technology. I love evangelizing tools and tech that makes developers lives easier. I’m an Technology lover. I also wrote Driving Technical Change.



I love technology that helps people extract ideas from their heads and into something real — be it code, design, or hardware. I’m looking for a position that allows me use my people skills and technical knowledge to inspire people make their ideas concrete.


Pragmatic Bookshelf

Driving Technical Change

Details tools and techniques aiding developers to convince resistant co-workers to adopt new technologies. It presents hesitant coworkers’ reasoning as development anti-patterns. It then presents solutions as positive patterns and outlines a broader strategy to run a comapaign to effect change inside one’s organization.



Developer Advocate

Promote the adoption of Google Cloud Platform, and collect and deliver constructive criticism to make the platform better.

Adobe Systems

Group Manager Evangelism

Head a small group dedicated to evangelizing Creative Cloud to educational institutions. Role expanded to include a focus on enterprise customers.

Activities Include:

  • Evangelize Creative Cloud using activities described in previous position
  • Oversee and guide the work of other evangelists
  • Coordinate enterprise marketing and greater evangelism team

Adobe Systems

Developer Evangelist

Promoted use of Adobe tools and technology to developers with a focus on Higher Education. Technology focused on an evolving roster of client and server side web technologies including Flex, Flash, HTML5 and ColdFusion. The audience grew to include not just educators and developers but also web designers and traditional designers transitioning to the web.

Activities Include:

  • Presenting to technical and creative audiences at events worldwide
  • Creating demo assets and projects
  • Speaking with the press
  • Producing blog posts, articles, and videos
  • Engaging with customers using social media
  • Writing code that shipped with Adobe ColdFusion

The Wharton School

I.T. Director

Modernized code base and publishing system for Knowledge@Wharton, an online journal, targeting audiences in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese speaking countries with millions of readers.

Activities Include:

  • Upgraded custom journal site to new architecture using ColdFusion and Java
  • Consolidation of multi site publishing system into one code base
  • Performance boosts that reduced average page load time from 2000ms to 16ms

The Wharton School

I.T. Director

Managed team to redesign and modernize WRDS web site/application for access to multi-terabyte warehouse of international financial data used by over 200 peer institution clients, providing revenue of about $9 million a year.

Activities Include:

  • Converting existing site to Web Standards based code
  • Unifying search for over 200,000 academic texts
  • Creating a community driven site for the users of WRDS
  • Managing a staff to facilitate those goals

The Wharton School

Various Roles

Worked in several roles over an eight year period at Wharton, starting as an entry level help desk staffer in 1999, and ending as a manager for a group of three developers overseeing all web applications at the school by 2007. The web applications group was responsible for developer productivity through code reviews, deployment tools, custom open source frameworks and encouraging use of source control.

Activities Include:

  • Supported a full service print shop
  • Oversaw the IT design of a new remote campus in San Francisco
  • Oversaw the IT design of a flagship state-of-the-art facility on home campus
  • Supported a staff of 30 lawyers/professors


The University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Arts



Evangelism Development Web Systems
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing
  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • git
  • Jenkins
  • Subversion
  • PHP
  • ColdFusion
  • MySQL
  • Active Directory
  • IIS
  • Windows Load Balancing


Code Generation; Semantic HTML; Webstandards; Web related technologies and languages; Converting people to new technologies; Mentoring developers; Process improvement; Automation; Cloud Services; Higher Education;


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