Monthly Archives: September 2005

Job Opening

Once again I am hiring for an open position. Here’s the description I put on

Wharton Computing at the University of Pennsylvania is looking for a full time ColdFusion/ Flex developer in Philadelphia, PA. Duties primarily involve application development, though some server maintenance is involved. Contact:

Just so you know, knowledge of ColdFusion and Flex are not mandatory for being hired, though they are primarily what you’d be doing. I see three ways that someone could come at this job.

  1. Applicant with ColdFusion and Flex experience already.
  2. Applicant with a solid foundation in programming, who is willing to learn ColdFusion and Webstandards based web design.
  3. Applicant with design background, familiar with Webstandards based web design who is willing to learn programming, through ColdFusion.

It’s a great place to work, with a distinct workplace culture. So drop me a line if your interested:

Movable Type 3.2 Finally!

Powered by Movable Type 3.2

Finally, Six Apart got back to me with a fix. Under their new fix, I did not have to involve my hosting provider. They gave me a customized, and required me to create an IIS virtual directory. It was a much more elegant solution than the one they gave me on the first try, and it actualy worked, so that was pretty cool. It has something to do with IIS not setting the working directory for cgi correctly.

So onward with Movable Type 3.2!

Embedded Cfdocument

I meant to blog this a while back. One of the things I think is really cool about Cold Fusion 7 is the fact that it can dynamically create Flashpaper by way of <cfdocument>. I think there are two big advantages to using Flashpaper over PDF’s in web applications: 1. Since they’re just .swf files, they load much faster; 2. Since they load faster you can embed them in pages. However when you use <cfdocument> the existing website interface is completely replaced by Flashpaper’s interface. I believe there are some cases when you wouldn’t want that. According, I have written a cfc that will allow you to pass content in and embed <cfdocument> created Flashpaper in line.

Check it out: Flashpaper Embedder.